Mittagong PRACTICE

  • Introduction to the Japanese Way of Tea (Chanoyu)
  • Introduction to Warrior style tea ceremony and in particular the Ueda Sōko Tradition of Chanoyu
  • Progressively learn various styles of tea ceremony
  • Participate and assist in conducting tea ceremony gatherings and workshops
  • Study other aspects of tea culture including ceramics, tea flowers, kaiseki cuisine, incense, kimono, poetry and Zen verses
  • Combine all the elements of chanoyu practice to deepen your sense of meaning, purpose and happiness in everyday life

Practice locations: Mt Gibraltar, Mittagong



Trial lessons* for beginners

We have designed a 5-lesson trial course as a way of inducting beginners into the world of Japanese tea ceremony. Through this course, new students will

  • develop a basic understanding of chanoyu history and principles
  • gain knowledge of tea ceremony guest etiquette, with a practical focus on the proper etiquette for partaking matcha and tea sweets, and
  • learn two styles of tea meditation ceremonies.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to prepare for and perform the tea meditation ceremonies confidently and independently. Students wishing to continue their chanoyu studies will be eligible for formal admission to the Ueda Sōko School of Japanese Tea Ceremony. Continuing students will receive the Ueda Sōko Ryū Order of Practice (the curriculum) at their graduation.


*Trial course lesson fees are half of the standard rate.