16th Grandmaster Ueda Sōkei

Born Hiroshima, 20th June 1945


Grand Master (Iemoto) of the Ueda Sōko Tradtion of Japanese Way of Tea


Director of Ueda Ryū Wafūdō, Inc. 


2-10 Furuehigashi-machi

Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City



Official Positions



President, Hiroshima Prefecture Assembly for Youth Development

President, Hiroshima Prefecture Education Support Group for Private Middle and High Schools

Board of Directors, Hiroshima City Cultural Foundation, Inc.

Fellow of the Nihon Kogeikai


Personal History




Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics



Became heir of the Grand Master (Iemoto) of the Ueda Sōko Tradition of Tea – A tradition of tea founded by feudal warlord and tea master Ueda Sōko



Assumed the position of Grand Master (Iemoto) of the Ueda Sōko Tradition of Tea



Received Zen Buddhist Name ‘Sōkei’ at Sōgen-ji Temple, Bizen (Okayama Prefecture)


Major Activities




Supervisor, tea house in Japanese garden of Chongqing City, China



Design Supervisor, tea house ‘Senshintei’ presented to the City of Hannover (Germany) by the City of Hiroshima

Design Supervisor, tea house at International Conference Center, Hiroshima (center designed by Tange Kenzō)



Supervisor, works on tea garden (roji) at restoration of Furuta Oribe favoured tea house ‘Juandō’ at Dōgo-kan (Dōgo-kan of Kurokawa Kishō design), Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. (Restoration work performed by Yasuimoku Koumuten)



Conducted Course of Lectures on Tea Ceremony at Hangzhou University, China


Acting Chairman, Art Exhibit Committee for 12th Asian Games, Hiroshima Chairman of Executive Committee, “Spirit and Form of Asia” exhibition held at 12th Asian Games



Supervisor, tea house at Rai Sanyo Shiseki Museum (designed by Nikken Sekkei). Nakane Kinsaku was Supervisor of tea garden (roji)



Design Supervisor, Senshintei Tea garden (roji), Germany

Featured in NHK BS special program ‘Old Families of Japan - the 16th Head of the Ueda Sōko Tradition of Tea’ screened on NHK BS and NHK General (filmed after succeeding position of Grand Master (Iemoto))



Co-host with Matsuoka Seigō at the Inaugural Oribe Awards Award Ceremony entitled: ‘Yomigaeru Oribe’ (The Oribe of Our Generation)



Historical Novel ‘Fūryū Buhen’ run in Weekly Asahi magazine. Written by Tsumoto Yō with Tradition founder Ueda Sōko as central character



Composed title art and provided commentary for Asahi Shimbun publication ‘Fūryū Buhen’ by Tsumoto Yō

Supervisor/Author, ‘The Tea of Ueda Sōko’ published by Kodansha. Publication was the first systematic coverage of Ueda Sōko



Involved in NHK program ‘Utsukushiki Buke Sadō’ produced to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the death of Ueda Sōko. Televised on NHK BS and NHK General Television.


Supervisor, ‘Hideyoshi, Oribe and Ueda Sōko Exhibition’ held at Hiroshima Prefectual Art Museum, Daimaru Osaka Shinsaibashi store and Mitsukoshi Tokyo Nihonbashi store under the joint sponsorship of Nihon Keizai Shinbun and NHK. Exhibition commemorated 350th anniversary of death of Ueda Sōko. Exhibition attracted wide interest with over 120,000 visitors.



Supervisor, construction of tea house at guesthouse of Kamotsuru Sake Brewing Co Ltd (in Higashi-Hiroshima City, based on the tea house at the late Kodama Kibō’s residence)


Building construction: Yasuimoku Koumuten Garden construction: Uetoh Co, Ltd. (Sano Tōemon)


Through organisations such as the Japan Foundation conducted lectures, performed exhibitions and introduced cha-no-yu in France, America, Germany, China, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium and other countries


Selected Publications



Cha no yu of the Ueda Sōko Tradition (co-authorship, Daiichi Gakushū)

The Tea of Ueda Sōko (Kodansha)